Depo Market

The Depo Story

Depo is pronounced {Deh•po} 

The story so far...

Brother and sister team, Christian and Tiffany Chou didn't set out to start a business, Tiffany just wanted to help her autistic brother find a job. 

With not a lot of job opportunities for adults like Chris, Tiffany found a way for him to sell his handmade jewelry at a local market. After seeing the success that Christian's small jewelry table had after 2 years, she had the idea to grow the table into a larger project that could help more people like her brother.

Depo Market's mission is to provide as many jobs for adults with disabilities as possible. Ranging from artistic employment, helping to create jewelry and accessories, as well as customer service jobs, working with and talking to our customers. 

The name Depo (Deh•po) Market comes from a market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where Christian was found as a baby. He was adopted at 8 months old and was named Christian Depo Chou.

Meet our team
Chris wears an aloha shirt and kukui nut lei, blurred floral background
watercolored manta ray with bubbles and a pink starfish
depo ohana


Chris' dream was to make jewelry and to start a business. He makes origami jewelry and loves coming up with new designs. Chris is a Baldwin High School graduate and he is "trying to be the best person he can be."

depo ohana


Abby brings a lot of previous work experience to Depo Market. Her favorite food is peanut butter even though she's allergic to it. And her dream is to be a rock star.

Juna wears a paisley top, blurred floral background
Depo Ohana


Juna likes going to fitness, hanging out with friends and loves to work. She enjoys making beaded jewelry and meeting customers. Her dream is to travel the world.

Erin Reid

Erin is the guy behind the scenes making all of our dreams come true. He built Chris' home, and the Depo Market brick-and-mortar retail store. He is a master artist in almost every medium. Erin spent over a decade in New York City lending his talents to the world's biggest brands. He has done Christmas window displays on 5th Ave for Tiffany & Co, Macy's, and has worked on apparel design for Disney, Victoria's Secret, MTV and André 3000 just to name a few. Erin is an integral part of our story and journey and we are beyond thankful to have him in our lives.